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Responsible Consumers Want Responsible Products

Responsible Consumer Products

Responsible manufactures a diverse family of sustainable consumer products, empowering you to meet the sustainability expectations of your customers while making an immediate impact towards diverting plastic waste from landfills and preserving our most precious natural resources.

Certified Compostable
Resealable Zip Bags

Whether taking on the go for work, school or having a picnic with your family, Responsible Products resealable bags are perfect for keeping your sandwiches and snacks fresh throughout the day. These resealable sandwich bags are great for storing food, packing a lunch, granola, fresh fruit, or even organizing items like crayons, golf tees and more!

Certified Compostable
Kitchen Bin Liners

Make an immediate impact now towards diverting organic food waste from landfills and preserving our most precious natural resources. Made from a propriety blend of renewable and synthetic materials that are certified compostable, these are an excellent eco-friendly solution! 

Certified Compostable
Cling Wrap

Responsible Products wraps are perfect for keeping your foods fresh!

This compostable cling wrap is extra strength and so durable that it can withstand both hot and cold temperatures... yes, including the freezer! It blocks out air and keeps in moisture to prevent freezer burn and prevent the transfer of odors.

Reusable Lunch Containers

Make an immediate impact on the environment by eliminating disposable food packaging waste from your daily routine. Responsible containers are crafted from recycled materials, reusable, and built to last a lifetime. Microwavable, dishwasher safe, and BPA-free.

Packing and taking food is quick, simple, and sustainable! Each set includes two stackable containers with lids, built-in reusable utensils, and a reusable sealing strap for secure transportation. These beautiful containers make it easy to say goodbye to disposables forever!