Compostable Cling Wrap (97 SQ. FT. - 32.8 YD x 11.8 IN)


Keep your favorite foods fresh with this versatile, tight-sealing compostable cling wrap. Just wrap and go! 

Whether taking on the go for work, school or having a picnic with your family, 

Responsible Products® wraps are perfect for keeping your foods fresh!

This compostable cling wrap is extra strength and so durable that it can withstand both hot and cold temperatures... yes, including the freezer! It blocks out air and keeps in moisture to prevent freezer burn and prevent the transfer of odors. 

Be a champion for the environment  

Make an immediate impact now towards eliminating toxic plastic waste in the environment and preserving our most precious natural resources. Made from renewable plant materials and 100% compostable and biodegradable after use, this is the most sustainable cling wrap ever.

 Key Advantages:

  • Made from Plant Material, not traditional plastics
  • Compostable & Biodegradable After Use
  • Perforated roll
  • Freezer-safe 
  • Non-GMO, BPA-Free, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free


Our guarantee is simple, if you purchase our products and you aren’t convinced they are the highest quality, most sustainable products you have ever used, just contact us to return the unused portion for a 110% refund of your purchase price. How can we do this? Try our products and find out!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love your products

I really like all your products. The cling wrap is very good and works great for keeping things fresh. The only thing I wish is that it came in a bigger amount with a box that sits on the counter like professional kitchens use for regular cling wrap. It's a little tricky using it & it's got that divider that portions out squares but sometimes I need a bigger piece so I end up using 2 squares unnecessarily. If I had a more stable dispenser it would be awesome.

Also can you make compostable parchment paper?

Melinda L.B.

Perforated, easy use

Patricia K.
Very good!

Seems every bit as good as the regular plastic stuff, but makes me feel much less guilty using it.

Toni G.
Such a great product!

I have been looking for a good solution to cling-wrap for quite a while and this was it! The sheets are perforated for ease of use and the wrap really does “cling” well!

Lisa D.
Tight seal and easy to separate

I love this compostable cling wrap! The lengths are perforated to make tearing a plate-sized sheet easy. It sticks to the plate well and makes a tight seal. Only con is that I wish it were microwaveable - I’ll have to remind the kids not to leave it on. Really great product!!