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Medium Sandwich Resealable Zip Bags

I love these bags! I have loved everyone of them, but am not reordering the tall kitchen bags for the simple reason that they were not strong enough for the weight I put in there. Kudos.....I like the way the compostable bags feel, seal and look.


Love your biodegradable stuff!

Small Snack Resealable Zip Compostable Food Storage Bags (6.5" x 3.7")


These are wonderful. Sturdy and compostable!!!

I have this covered!

All sizes to fit all needs. I even shared with two people, so they can be "Responsible".

Quart Resealable Zip Compostable Food Storage Bags (7" x 7.4")

So far, great!

These bags are every bit as durable and easy to open as regular plastic bags. The only reason for a 4 not 5 star is that my hot rice tends to stick to the bag. I'm thinking of either spraying it with oil or trying a bit of water. They have survived the freezer, but i haven't, and probably won't, microwave them. I'm very happy to do this small part for the environment.

great trash bags

I'm very happy with these bags. They are much stronger than I expected them to be and fit into my trash compactor perfectly. Thanks for making such a good product.

Best bag, less guilt

These sandwich bags have a fantastic resealable zip, they keep the sandwich/food fresh and I don’t feel nearly a guilty using them.

Great product

I recently had my baby shower. I searched long and hard for containers that were Eco friendly and durable. These were exactly that. They held up incredibly well. I was so happy and everyone was shocked. We didn't test very wet foods but it held up with rice, chicken and shrimp. For days. Absolutely recommend

Love These Bags!

Not only do I love the fact that they keep food fresh, and are reusable, but they are guilt free because I know they decompose quickly. I will definitely be buying more!

Large enough for most any leftovers

The 8x8 square container is a great size for almost any leftover! I added wax paper under the barbecue sauce on the ribs.;not sure if the sauce would soak through.

Love them!

Love these bags. perfect size, cute design and more than strong enough. Will buy again.

Very good!

Seems every bit as good as the regular plastic stuff, but makes me feel much less guilty using it.

Very impressed

These baggies are so high quality I don’t miss plastic at all


I’m so thankful to finally have compostable bags to use for my pet! These are awesome and do not disappoint! Thank you so much!

Great products

Glad I purchased these, will do it again!

Love the product

Great customer service. Let’s reduce our carbon footprint together.

Good bags for the value

I'm liking these bags much better, probably knowing that they are compostable and I'm doing something good for the planet.

Paper straws.

I am glad I bought the paper straws. No more plastic straws in my garbage. I can recycle the paper straws.

Great product!

Great size options, seal nice and tight. Can use numerous times


Best product ever need more large garbage bags

Good product that eases my conscience

Easy to use and works as well as plastic!

Great for Storage bags

Love that they are re-usable and compostable. Check all my boxes for both performance and environment.