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Natural Cotton bags.

Love this idea!! M currently using n gave some to family for use.

Great Bags.

Glad to find these freezable bags, and get away from the plastic ones. They are strong and close well.

Save the planet!

Any product that reduces plastic waste is great for the environment!
Love the idea of compostable bags!

Compostable Cling Wrap (97 SQ. FT. - 32.8 YD x 11.8 IN)

Love the Earth Friendly bags!

A great alternative to those toxic plastic storage bags. I love them for freezing and storage. Definitely a must to eliminate the use of plastic.

Compostable Storage Bags

Great product. I will be back for them and other items as well

Great product!

I have used the zip lock bags and like knowing they are compostable - and reusable. I will be switching to use all Responsible Products for zip bags as I clear out old zip bags (I reuse them now, but when they are done I won’t buy more.) These bags are more than as good as the old zip bags and environmentally conscious.

Dog Poop Bags

I have been using these bags on our walks for a couple weeks. The bags are a great size, fit my leash container, and are soft, making them easy to use. Will continue to purchase.

Just like traditional cling wrap

I purchased this recently, but have used it with great success. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I am waiting to see how it composts in my compost pin, but so hopeful that it does well!

Great product

This works just like regular plastic wrap No problems!

Love the feeling I’m helping to save from plastic waste

Wonderful products! I had to call to find out how the plastic wrap worked because it doesn’t have a bar to slice it… genius, it’s perforated!

Worked very well for July 4th party.

The plates and cups worked very nicely at July 4th party. Several people asked about where they could get the products. I gave address.

Great find

I use so many baggies and these make me feel better about their being able to break down quickly after tossing them. They hold up very well and are true to size.

Large Gallon Resealable Zip Compostable Food Storage Bags (10.6" x 10.7")

These are what I’ve been waiting for!

Great usable food storage bags that I can finally feel good about! Nice texture, sizes are perfect.Cannot wait to order the cling wrap!

13 gallon compostable tall kitchen bags

These are way better than some other one's I bought. The only thing I miss is the drawstrings so I need to make sure I have room to tie the bag in a knot. Definitely strong enough.

Trash bags

This gave me a chance to try every size. I especially like the garbage bags. We use many every week so the compostable bags are very much appreciated.

Resealable Compostable is the Best.

I feel better about care for our planet. Thanks for creating these.

Great quality storage bags

Bags do the job and are easy to seal.

Best plastic alternative I’ve used

This product is amazing, it is just like plastic but more eco-friendly! I’ve also given it to family members to use to try to convert them to go plastic free !!

Good products

I purchased the starter pack, only wished it included snack size bags. also purchased the 9 oz bolws and the spoons. they are absolutley great !! perfect for ice cream. will definatly be ordering again... would like to see trash bags with drawstrings and that "hug" the can instead of falling in the can.

Ticks all the boxes!

Great products! A bag for every need, all sustainable/compostable. Plastic-smastic who needs it!

Great wrap!

This is more eco-friendly food storage tool in my arsenal for items not susceptible to placing in a storage container.

Really a good product

These bags have replaced zip top bags quite easily for us. The bags are durable and have a great closing system. Because the bags are opaque we have a marker near by to indicate what’s in a bag and the date it went in the freezer. We will continue to use this product