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For My Children and Grandchildren, I Choose Compostable Snack Bags

Compostable snack bagsare a great, every day, sustainable product. Making eco-friendly choices feels good and it is great for our environment. When asked, “What can I do to support our environment?” I am always ready to share my personal journey about how I started using eco-friendly products.


Over the years, I have purchased and thrown away too many plastic bags to count. It pained me to know that I was contributing to the earth’s pollution and the waste in landfills. As with many things, there is a point where you finally say, “Enough is enough.” This time arrived shortly after the birth of my first child and realizing how many plastic snack bags I was using each month.  I realized I needed to find an alternative product that was just as convenient as the plastic bags I was using, but better for the environment.


It was time to make a change from traditional zip plastic snack bags to compostable snack bags. I was committed to making a positive change, not just for my own family, but for all future generations. So, I set out to find a sustainable, eco-friendly product to replace the plastic snack bags I’d used for so many years.


After a few conversations with friends and family, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that compostable snack bags were easy to order online, and the quality was excellent based on the reviewer’s feedback. As I researched the highly rated compostable products, I learned that not only could I buy these items right away, but many companies also offered convenient compostable bundle packs. The compostable bundle packs were a better value and included many other products I routinely used. As you can imagine, I was eager to place and order.


After receiving my first order, I quickly realized that making the switch from plastic bags to compostable snack bags wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. I made it a priority to use eco-friendly products in my daily living and I found it incredibly simple to make this a new habit. A secondary benefit that has come of this, is that my children will also grow-up with using sustainable products as their norm and therefore continuing an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Each time I use one of the compostable snack bags, I feel good about the choices I am making for the environment. I encourage everyone to think about a simple change, like this, that they can commit to making. For my children, and all future generations to come, when possible, join me in choosing Responsible Products.