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Dog Poop Bags

What’s a family without their dog? What’s a dog without their family? But most importantly what’s a dog poop without its dog poop bags? Don’t tell me that you are still going around picking up your dog’s discard with plastic bags? C’mon people it’s 2021. Haven’t you heard that our pets are also a part of the global efforts to reduce plastic consumption?

Here at Responsible Products, we understand how much our dogs mean to us and to our customers, that’s why we created our dog poop bags, so that our dogs can join us in our efforts of global change. Our dog poop bags are an environmentally friendly choice that you can implement in your everyday life.  A few of the key advantages of our  dog poop bags are that they are made from plant material, they have extra strength to prevent ripping, and they are compostable after use. Our dog poop bags are also BPA-Free, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free and Non-GMO.

The global strive for reducing plastic waste takes the collective efforts of everyone including how we choose to dispose of our pet waste. By making the switch to using  dog poop bags the environment is protected from the nitrogen content that is in your dog’s waste that depletes the oxygen into our water system. By using dog poop bags, you are participating in protecting the water supply and therefore protecting the entire ecosystem. Dog waste also contains harmful bacteria that can cause sickness within people so proper disposal is also a necessity.

Not only are our dog poop bags great for the environment, but every bag features our beautiful and silly design of bones, paws, and poop emojis. Definitely enough to make your kids, friends and neighbors want to walk the dog! Walking the dog no longer needs to be daunting tasks. Our  dog poop bags are also perfect for storing these bags at home, in your backpack or even purse. They are super convenient and small enough to with you anywhere.

Responsible Products is a brand that is striving to push for more people, like yourself to make the transition into products. Even a small change like switching from disposing your dog’s waste in an dog poop bag vs a regular plastic bag is still a step in the right direction. Remember in order for real change to happen small and pivotal steps needs to take place. Start the journey into your Greener lifestyle by picking up dog poop bags to discard of your dogs waste.


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