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Biodegradable Food Packaging

Biodegradable food packagingshould be the first item on your grocery list. Did you know that the most widely known way to store food is in plastic containers or plastic packaging? In the food and beverage industry, plastic containers and bottles are the most in demand than any other material. Its mostly due to its flexibility, but the honest reason is because plastic is very cheap to manufacture. Odds are if you were to look into your pantry or cupboards you would see a ton of plastic that is used for food storage.

The best alternative to this is to switch to biodegradable food packaging. Biodegradable food packaging helps alleviate the long-term issues that are prevalent by the excessive use of plastic. The overconsumption of plastic that is used on the day-to-day basis poses a threat to marine life, ecosystems, and water ways.

Here at Responsible Products, we offer products that are responsibly better for the environment. Our biodegradable food packaging items are generally made from plants and vegetables and are biodegradable. When comparing plastic food packaging to biodegradable food packaging there is a clear environmental difference.

Plastic food packaging is made from crude oil and crude oil emits significant amounts of pollution. This is an extreme toxin that harms humans, animals, and plants. It takes about 400yrs for plastic food packaging to biodegrade. The average person consumes about 220 pounds of plastic each year, mostly from plastic food packaging.

Making the switch to using biodegradable food packaging will significantly cut your plastic packaging nearly in half or eliminate it entirely. Biodegradable food packaging is as convenient, durable, and efficient as plastic packaging, but the flip side is that biodegradable packaging works to reduce climate change, which is an issue that we all are currently facing.

At Responsible Products, we are at the forefront of pushing the change for eco-friendly, sustainable, compostable, and biodegradable products. We understand the conveniency that using plastic may offer that is why our products are made to offer little to no change in that perspective but meant to offer all the change when it comes to the environmental impact.

We want our customers to be responsible in the choices that they are making when it comes to plastic. Choose responsible products that will help reduce climate change, choose biodegradable food packaging.


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