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Biodegradable Doggy Bags

Are you using biodegradable doggy bags  for clean-up after your family’s pet? Dogs rank number 1 as the most popular pets in America. There are approximately 48 million household dogs in the US. Wow, that’s a lot of waste to clean up. If you are still accustomed to using regular plastic bags to clean up after your dog, you might still be thinking that “it’s not a big deal.” Don’t be silly, it is. Listen, you’ve got to make the switch to biodegradable doggy bags.

At Responsible Products we’ve got a wide variety of your household products covered for sustainability. We also offer biodegradable doggy bags. I mean our pets are another area to consider when taking inventory of the type of environmentally friendly products you can use. We must all do our best to reduce the number of plastic items that we use in our daily lives. Our ecosystems will be positively impacted by this, and future generations will thank you.

By making the switch to use biodegradable doggy bags, the environment is protected from the nitrogen content that is in your dog’s waste that depletes the oxygen in the water system. By using biodegradable doggy bags, you are participating in protecting the water supply and therefore protecting the entire ecosystem. Dog waste also contains harmful bacteria that can cause sickness within people so proper disposal is also a necessity.

Biodegradable doggy bags do not harm landfills, unlike regular plastic bags which take hundreds of years to decompose if they even are able to. Not only are you still able to clean up after your dog conveniently, but you are doing your part in protecting our ecosystems.

Make the immediate impact now towards eliminating toxic plastic waste in the environment and preserving our most precious natural resources. Our biodegradable doggy bags here at, Responsible Products are made from renewable plant materials and 100% compostable and biodegradable after use. Our doggy bags are the most sustainable bags ever.

Storing the biodegradable doggy bags are no hassle at all, these bags rolls are super convenient and small enough to go with you everywhere. Not only are they great for the environment, every bag features our beautiful silly design of bones, paws and poop emojis… enough to make your kids, friends and neighborhood want to walk the dog.


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