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Compostable Plates

Compostable Plates & Bowls

Discover the difference quality eco-friendly, compostable plates and bowls can make when you choose Responsible Products tableware. Compostable products are capable of being broken down by biological microorganisms, without harming the environment. As more environmentally conscious consumers are choosing to make a positive impact on their carbon footprint, many are choosing biodegradable, eco-friendly, compostable products.

Using Eco-Friendly Compostable Tableware
When you think of choosing a sustainable lifestyle with your food choices, generally the first thought that comes to mind is the food source. You may look for labels that say, free range, sustainable, eco-friendly, certified organic and so on. Did you know you can also choose products to each your food off that share these same qualities? There are many different questions you might ask about sustainability when it comes to preparing food but what about when it comes to what you are eating that same food off.

Traditional disposable products have received a bad reputation over the years and have created a lot of waste in landfills across the country. They can take hundreds of years to decompose which is why many consumers are now looking for new, eco-friendly tableware options. Many restaurants and cafes are now shying away from traditional disposable options and choosing an eco-friendly option for their patrons to do their part. Did you know that sugarcane-based items can hold heavier foods than either paper or Styrofoam items? Learn more about the green tableware options that go beyond traditional disposable products to an eco-friendly, sustainable choice with plates and bowls sourced by Responsible Products.

Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Goods
There are many advantages to choosing sustainable goods as a consumer or business. First and foremost, you will reduce your impact on the environment and can call yourself eco-friendly. Choosing a compostable product will help reduce waste that goes into landfills that take decades to decompose. By choosing products made form natural resources, such as the bamboo used to source some of our products below, you are helping communities that are robust with these resources, develop a new market, create jobs and grow a new green economy.

Together We Make the Difference
At Responsible Products, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, eco-friendly tableware products available to the environmentally conscious consumer. This sugarcane based, compostable product requires much less energy to produce so you know you are helping to reduce energy and resource waste.