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100% Natural Wooden Utensil Value Pack (100 Pieces each - 300 total)

This premium utensil set includes one pack of each of extra strength 100% natural wooden forks (100 pieces), spoons (100 pieces) and knives (100 pieces). 

Responsible Products® utensils are eco-friendly, made from renewable plant material. Ideal for cold or hot food up to 200°F, these biodegradable utensils are beautiful, durable, and heat resistant. Our utensils are the most sustainable choice for serving at breakfast, lunch, or dinner at special events, catered events, takeout restaurants, cafeterias, and cafes. 

Our guarantee is simple, if you purchase our products and you aren’t convinced they are the highest quality, most sustainable products you have ever used, just contact us to return the unused portion for a 110% refund of your purchase price (minus shipping costs).

How can we do this? Try the products and find out.