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Compostable Food Bags

Our resealable compostable food storage bags are eco-friendly and compostable. Perfect for storing food in the fridge or taking snacks with you on the go. These are suitable for storing all kinds of foods, including fat and acid related foods. They work great in the refrigerator or freezer and have good puncture resistance and elasticity. Shop these resealable, compostable bags in small, medium, or large for all your food storage needs.

Our compostable kitchen bags are environmentally friendly and can be thrown into the compost pile. These eco-friendly gallon bags are durable and sturdy to get the job done. Compostable bags are truly compostable. In other words, you cannot just throw trash bags on your compost pile and think it will decompose. But compostable bags will turn into compost over time when exposed to moisture, oxygen, and bacteria.  

Responsible Product’s compostable bags can be readily composted along with organic waste in municipal composting facilities. Unlike regular plastic bags, compostable bag products are generally made from plants compostable.  Compostable items, if properly disposed of, will break down completely and can then be used to grow more resources. 

 At Responsible Products, we provide the highest quality, compostable food bag products available to the environmentally conscious consumer. This compostable product requires less energy to produce so you know you are helping to reduce energy and resource waste. As more environmentally conscious consumers understand the benefits of composting, they are choosing to make a positive impact on their carbon footprint. Many are choosing eco-friendly, compostable products from Responsible Products.